We are a talented team that ranges from senior-level management of public companies to experts in cannabis cultivation, extraction, distribution, and brands.

We are a talented team that ranges from senior-level management of public companies to experts in cannabis cultivation, extraction, distribution, and brands.


Leadership with cannabis experience

Our experienced board of directors is made up of a mix of finance, banking, marketing, and legal experts with access to the resources necessary to enhance cannabis assets.

Howard Steinberg

Chairman of the Board & CEO*

Mr. Steinberg has more than 25 years of investment experience as a senior executive, working within some of the largest financial institutions in the world. He has sat on over a dozen Boards including his current role as Executive Chairman of Parallax Developments Corp and as a board member of Trichome Financial, a specialty finance company focused on providing a range of credit-based capital solutions to the legal cannabis industry.

Ted Tabisz

Independent Director

Mr. Tabisz is an Executive with TD Bank with over 15 years-experience in Retail Distribution, Product Management, Finance and Operations. Mr. Tabisz currently leads the Finance team supporting the Real Estate Secured Lending business.

Robin Linden

Executive Director*

Mr. Linden contributes over 20 years of leadership and management experience, including roles at the University of Manitoba, Molson Breweries Canada, Holt Renfrew, and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. Mr. Linden brings with him experience in the branding and sales of a variety of cannabis-based products.


A deep talent pool with the knowledge and resources to succeed

Our senior management team is made up of experts from around the world engaged in a wide array of disciplines necessary for any cannabis company to succeed – upper level management of public companies, finance, law, master growing, plant pathology, agricultural economics, pharmaceutical, engineering, global marketing, distribution and seed genetics.

Tibor Antal

Business Development*

Mr. Antal’s career as an entrepreneur spans over 30 years in the technology services and consumer goods industry.  He has successfully founded a handful of companies and developed numerous consumer brands generating millions in revenue.

Elizabeth Liu, QC


Ms. Liu founded and is Managing Director of LINK Business Law Group. Prior to establishing LINK Business Law Group, Ms. Liu was Managing Partner at Basham Thompson & Liu LLP, a boutique litigation firm. She then served as Vice President and General Counsel to the Flora Group of Companies that manufacture and sell premium natural health products internationally. Ms. Liu was appointed Queen’s Counsel by Order-in-Council in December 2016.

Charith Adkar


Mr. Adkar completed his PhD in Plant Biology and Crop Production from the University of Milano, Italy with the specialization in Molecular Plant Pathology. His areas of expertise include: Plant Science, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular host-pathogen interactions and Bioinformatics.

Ronan O’Neill


Mr. O’Neill has more than 20 years experience in the agricultural and food industries. He has successfully established and expanded an international produce and protein import and export business. His work experience ranges from sales, business development, market research and managerial roles in primary agriculture, food, fmcg, market research, commodity trading, fresh produce and the nutraceutical industries. Ronan has an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Science and a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics.

Mark Forster

Corporate Controller*

Mr. Forster has 30 years of experience in financial and management accounting in banking, manufacturing, oil and gas, and mining companies. His prior CFO experience includes Oracle Energy Corp and TeletouchServices Inc. He is a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA, CGA) registered in British Columbia and studied accounting at the University of British Columbia and British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Adam Hanft


Mr. Hanft is a globally-known brand strategist, creative leader, messaging expert and author. He currently sits on Scott’s Miracle-Gro ("SMG") and 1-800-Flowers boards, and also serves as Chief Marketer at SMG. He is responsible for branding successes with dozens of companies as diverse as Procter & Gamble, McKinsey, WeWork, Match.com, Citibank, TED, and Fidelity. His expertise in cannabis is as a marketer, strategist and angel investor.


A targeted extraction and cultivation strategy

We intend to continue to invest in and partner with extraction and cultivation companies that can use a helping hand with experienced management and access to capital. We see an opportunity to partner with scientists that operate extraction facilities for oil and isolate production; and with growers that manage outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse facilities for cultivation, licensing, genetics, and seed propagation.

James Andrews

Extraction Specialist & Global Project Manager*

Mr. Andrews has 13 years of experience working with the cannabis industry in Europe and North America. He began his career in Europe focusing on cultivation and seed genetics. After moving to Canada, James’ expertise has shifted to extraction and formulation, working on the development of high throughput processing and isolation. Mr. Andrews has developed compliant products for brands within a range of global cannabis markets.

Shannon DeRosiers


Shannon graduated Horticulture at the HAECC in Huntingdon, QC.  Her experience consists of greenhouse work with a floral producer in southern Quebec.  She was also in charge of outdoor maintenance, garden design and care at CMP, a manufacturing company in Chateauguay, QC for two years. She has successfully completed her Quality Assurance for Medical Marijuana program and owns a Quebec pesticide license for application of classes 1 to 4 products.

Zach Tietolman

Master Grower*

Mr. Tietolman is a designated grower under the ACMPR. He has been involved in the construction process and development of multiple licenced producers and has over 12 years of experience in cannabis cultivation. He has experience in building and managing different types of growing systems including: ebb & flow, drip irrigation systems, deep water culture, working in both soil and soilless mediums.


Experienced marketing professionals and global distribution channels

With offices in Canada, UK, Mexico, and Colombia, MYM is in a prime position to take advantage of its relationships and understanding of evolving markets and global distribution channels. These channels will be used for distribution of proprietary formulations as well as isolate.

Erick Factor

Chairman of the Board & CEO, International Brands

Mr. Factor is the founder of the “Westcoast Medicann” dispensary. He has extensive experience working with Health Canada, from whom he has obtained MMAR and MMPR licenses for hundreds of patients and has managed and operated grow facilities to produce product for those patients.

Andy Kent

Executive Independent Director, International Brands

Mr. Kent was formerly CEO and Managing Director of McMillan LLP. He has been the driving force behind McMillan LLP’s growth from a regional law firm to one of Canada's top national firms for over 33 years. As a senior business lawyer, Mr. Kent has gained broad expertise through first tier experience in business finance, corporate reorganizations, distressed M&A and commercial litigation as well as other special situations.

Julie Toskan

Independent Director, International Brands

Julie Toskan has an impressive track record in building a global brand. She was part of the core founding group of MAC Cosmetics, one of the world’s top makeup brands. Ms. Toskan has received numerous awards in Canada for her philanthropic activities.

*Engaged on a consultant basis.