CBC NEWS – Weedon, Quebec Town With Apropos Name, To Become Cannabis Capital Of Canada

Canadian cannabis production companies expected to open greenhouse facility

By Verity Stevenson, CBC News

It’s not all in a name for Weedon, a small Quebec town planning to welcome a 1.5 million-square-foot cannabis production facility.

Mayor Richard Tanguay said “it’s no secret” that the town’s moniker had a lot to do with how two Canadian companies found the municipality in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

But he added that “it all worked out because we had the other elements, too.”

MYM Nutraceuticals, a medical marijuana producer, has partnered with Montreal-based Canna Canada to build 15 100,000-square-foot greenhouses on an old gravel pit.

The project is expected to cost $200 million and in its second phase would include an “interpretation centre,” consisting of a research facility, museum and auditorium.

Weedon Mayor Richard Tanguay says a large-scale medical marijuana facility could put the small town on the map. (Radio-Canada)

Marijuana is set to be legalized across the country in the summer of 2018. Rob Gietl,  CEO of MYM Nutraceuticals, said it was the name that led its partner, Canna Canada, to consider Weedon in its research for a place to set up. “Yes, the name is a great marketing tool,” Gietl said with a laugh.

“But at the end of the day, it was about the perfect fit — the mayor, the council members, the city itself in terms of being able to grow and develop within the community, which is embracing this.”

Tanguay said the municipality’s remoteness, agro-forestry industry and the fact that it was in the midst of developing a sustainability project meant to boost its economy sealed the deal.

Boon for a small town

Gietl said the company is hoping to break ground this summer and start production soon after.

He said the company is “100 per cent focusing on medical marijuana at the moment,” but that it would look into growing cannabis for recreational use if it’s legalized.

“It’s a very interesting time in this industry,” he said.

The mayor said the project would be a huge boost to the town’s economy, which is experiencing a lull.

It’s expected to create about at least 200 jobs, not to mention the business activity it would foster.

“One day this could make Weedon known across the world,” Tanguay said.


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