Vancouver, B.C., November 29, 2018 – MYM Nutraceuticals Inc., (CSE: MYM) (“MYM”) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Sublime Culture Inc., has completed its migration to Health Canada’s Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System, or CTLS. The CTLS is a public facing web application that enables the submission of new license applications, request for amendments and license renewals in addition to submission of monthly tracking reports.

The oversight of the cannabis supply chain is a shared responsibility across many federal, provincial and territorial departments, industry and other stakeholders. One of Health Canada’s responsibilities is to track the flow of cannabis as a means of preventing the illegal inversion and diversion of cannabis into and out of the regulated system. Under this tracking system, a holder of a license for cultivation, a license for processing, or a license for sale for medical purposes is required to submit monthly reports to Health Canada.

Another of Health Canada’s responsibilities is to monitor patient access to cannabis for medical purposes. Again, where applicable, a holder of a license for sale for medical purposes is required to submit relevant information to Health Canada on a monthly basis.

“We are pleased that our subsidiary, Sublime Culture, has completed the migration to Health Canada’s new CTLS platform,” said Rob Gietl, CEO of MYM. “Now that Sublime Culture is compliant with the new guidelines, we are eager to receive our license for the Laval, Quebec facility and to begin production.”

About MYM Nutraceuticals Inc.
MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. is an innovative company focused on acquiring Health Canada licenses to produce and sell high-end organic medicinal cannabis supplements and topical products.  MYM is a shareholder in two production projects in Quebec that when completed is anticipated to have over 1.8 million square feet of production space. MYM is a shareholder in a project in New South Wales, Australia, an exciting new market that has recently legalized medicinal cannabis. To ensure a strong presence and growth potential within the industry, MYM is actively looking to acquire complementary businesses and assets in the technology, nutraceuticals and CBD sectors.  MYM shares trade in Canada, Germany and the USA under the following symbols: (CSE:MYM) (OTC:MYMMF) (FRA:0MY) (DEU:0MY) (MUN:0MY) (STU:0MY).

Rob Gietl, CEO
MYM Nutraceuticals Inc.

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