Production Facilities

The 1.5 million sf greenhouse project has been approved by the City of Weedon and Health Canada. A license application has been submitted. MYM has purchased 329 acres of land to build on. This project will include a cannabis museum and a cannabis university for industry training. Upon completion, the Weedon project is scheduled to produce annual sales of $1.1 billion with profit estimates of $550 million.

WEEDON QC201820192020
PRODUCTION SIZE (SQ.FT)30,00030,0001,500,000
*CROP/STRAIN (G)750,0003,000,000150,000,000
*GROSS REVENUES ($7/G) 5,250,00021,000,0001,050,000,000

*Please note, production and revenue figures are estimates based on current market examples.

The Weedon Canna Centre

Weedon plans to have the worlds largest, zero carbon footprint, Canna Centre. It will be home to an education centre which will be working with universities regarding botany degrees and vocational programs with certifications regarding the cannabis plant and operations from seed to sale. It will also have attached a lab, a test facility, and a 2005 person auditorium for lectures. There will be a cannabis history museum and a health care clinic with twenty-two 1000 square foot apartments for treatments. This plan will make Weedon the cannabis capital of Canada.

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June 19th Press Conference

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