Production Facilities

The Laval Project has been completed and is expected to be licensed in Q2 2018. The facility is currently 10,000 sf and will be expanded to 37,000 sf. This license will enable MYM to manufacture its branded THC and CBD medical products across Canada

Laval QC201820192020
PRODUCTION SIZE (SQ.FT)10,00010,00037,000
CROP/STRAIN (G)250,0001,000,0003,700,000
GROSS REVENUES ($7/G)1,750,0007,000,00025,900,000

*Please note, production and revenue figures are estimates based on current market examples.

The first stage is now complete at a cost of $2.3 million. Production will begin in Q2 2018. Phase 2 build out of the existing building will see the 37,000 SF fully integrated facility complete. This build out, when completed, will generate revenues projected to hit $18 million by year 2 (capacity at 95%) and $25 million by year 3 (capacity at 98%).

Facility Photos

Facility Photos